Why Stop Pigeons Nesting On Your Roof?

Pigeon Feces

Pigeons nesting under your solar Panels can become a big nuisance and hazardous to the health of the household. It’s something you certainly don’t want to ignore for various reasons.

The biggest problem that pigeons cause is their constant pooping. This, besides looking disgusting, can damage your solar panel’s surface over time and not only that, if you are wondering “is bird poop toxic for humans?” the answer sadly is YES. Bird poop, in fact, can carry germs and microorganisms that are responsible for over 60 human and animal diseases such as salmonella, toxoplasmosis, and fungus infections to name a few!! The problem becomes even more bothersome at urban and suburban areas where contamination of soil and other surfaces is prevalent.

And as if this wasn’t enough, pigeons themselves are noisier compared to other birds, especially when they are moving across the roof.

You may wonder at this point, why are birds attracted to solar panels? The answer is that solar panels create a shady and safe spot for the birds to nest under and be protected from the elements. They also like the residual heat emitted by solar panels during the colder winter season.

In all honesty, it’s hard to get rid of pigeons under solar panels once and for all. However, you can do a few things to make your solar panels less appealing to pigeons and give protection from damage caused by birds nests and droppings. Here is how:

Set-up some anti-roosting/perching spikes

You may find some anti-bird spikes at a nursery or hardware or home and garden shop offline and online. You can attach them directly to any point around your solar panel and the spots that birds seem to like the most. Another cheaper alternative is to get a slinky toy which is found in nearly all toy stores and family department stores. The birds tend to avoid it as it doesn’t offer them a nice and handy surface to land on.

Install a slopped covering

Mostly made of PVC, metal, or plywood, sheathing makes the surface slippery and extra hard for the pigeons to roost on. These surfaces are typically made of three sheaths that make three large triangular sections. They also have a 60 and 40-degree angle that makes it hard for the pigeons to roost on. The only thing to do is just place it above flat surfaces where pigeons tend to perch on.

Install a Tuck/mesh netting

This is one of the most humane and convenient ways to deter pigeons from the pane’s surface. You can install them at any spot and they look great. They are especially aimed at covering the space beneath the solar panels and thus might stop them from laying and hatching eggs as well. The only thing you have to do is to clip the netting to the surfaces and wrap it around the edges. Regardless of the brand or product you choose, tuck nettings are subtle, low-key and efficient bird deterrents.

Set up some scare pigeon units

These types of devices are either airy decoys or kites shaped and coloured to resemble a hawk or an eagle. You just tie them on or near the spots that pigeons like best to scare them off. However, to make these look more realistic and prevent the birds from getting familiar with their movement, move them frequently in different spots.

Hire Pigeon Proofing Professionals

If you can’t find a solid way to get rid of pigeons under solar panels, perhaps it’s time to leave the issue to seasoned professionals like us who are able to use the proper tools and techniques to get rid of birds once and for all. A great professional method is the installation of a one to one door device that deters pigeons from coming in. Additional professional services may include the cleaning of bird droppings and dirt–and we all know this is something that most folks don’t want to bother with on their own.

If you are seeking for 5-star pigeon proofing services across the southeast UK, we are the ones to call. Thanks to our 10+ years experience and advance professional methods, we can help you get rid of this pesky problem for good.

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